Case Study - Neighborhood Creatives in Residence

How Luminocity Media Group used guerilla marketing tactics and group training sessions successfully meet the clients goal!


The Neighborhood Creatives in Residence was an immersion experience in cultural organizing, placemaking, and art intervention programming. Eleven local residents, artists, and organizers were selected to deliver their first initiatives in twelve neighborhoods across the span of Milwaukee. The Creatives shaped engagement experiences prompted by one of seven societal conversations: reentry, water, intergeneration, brain-building, stories, fatherhood, and food access.

Luminocity Media Group coached and implemented eleven cohesive marketing strategies and campaigns to achieve conversations and resources for those effect by one or more of the societal conversations.

“As a Creative Marketing Coach it was important to include the artist in the campaign planning process for the most impactful results. This required developing and implementing a social media & marketing structure that could be carried out by the artist individually or as a team.”
Brandi Austin

President , Luminocity Media Group


Market Segmentation was Essential

Grouped potential participants together by characteristics such as race, age, and neighborhood. Effectively tailored the event or conversation to the specific group.

Well-Rounded Targeting

Luminocity’s premium professional targeting let us reach 11 unique groups focused on social marketing, along with similar groups that exponentially increased our reach.

Beyond Mobile

We made sure to optimize content for mobile, but also desktop.



Neighborhoods Impacted


Increase in Followers & Engagement

Community Partners Activated


11 Neighborhoods positively impacted by creative, strategical, relational marketing plans customized for 13 creatives:

  • Kelly Wallschlaeger – Tippacanoe
  • Unique Russ – Lower Eastside
  • Betty Salamun, Gabbi Cisneros, Cy Ozgood – Ave West
  • Evan Sandherr & Karen Joyner – Muskego
  • Nikotris Perkins – Garden Homes
  • Tina Nixon – Lindsey Park
  • Monique Liston – Thurston Woods
  • Dan Kirchen – Waller’s Point & Jackson
  • Radaya Ellis – Metcalfe Parke
  • Kima Hamilton – Harambee
  • Chad M. Piechocki & Kate Schwartz – Washington Heights