Case Study - I Am A Triathlete

How Luminocity Media Group used guerilla marketing tactics and B2C strategy to exceed the clients goal!


“I am a Triathlete” is a one of a kind book, that helps encourage children and adults to explore the sport of triathlons. Triathletes and multisport fans will enjoy the colorful and unique illustrations. The book celebrates the idea that anyone young or old, can make it to the finish line. As intimidating as a triathlon can be, “I Am a Triathlete” encourages the reader to step out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Luminocity Media Group created and implemented a Kickstarter campaign and PR strategy to saturate influential media platforms with a goal to meet and exceed client expectations.

“It is important to us to work with clients we believe in wholeheartedly. That way we connect our passion with theirs to ensure explosive results!”
Brandi Austin

President , Luminocity Media Group


Market Segmentation was Essential

Grouped potential participants together by characteristics such as athletic past time, family status, and interest in books. Effectively tailored the copy and messaging to the specific group.

Well-Rounded Targeting

Luminocity’s premium professional targeting let us attain over 7000 impressions in less than a month.

Beyond Mobile

We made sure to optimize content for mobile, but also desktop.



Surpassed Fundraising Goal


Increase in Followers & Engagement



To transform quality content into quality leads, B2C brands need access to a relevant audience to which content can be distributed.
Attribution is also crucial, giving marketers the ability to measure the ‘virality’ of their ads, and how it translates to the conversions they receive.

Luminocity Media Group has combined these elements to help countless small businesses and entrepreneurs see marketing and business success.