About Us

Our Company

Luminocity Enterprises specializes in marketing, promotion, social media development, advertisement, and entertainment, we strive for nothing less than excellence. Established in 2008 and wholly-owned by founder Brandi Austin, Luminocity Enterprises has made its mark in the city being featured in Who’s Who in Black Milwaukee as the marketing firm to watch. With a mission to bring light, Luminocity Enterprises continues to knock down barriers and succeed in maintaining a positive message and integrity in business.


Our Philosophy

  • Manage processes, not people
  • Use techniques (like “process mapping” and “benchmarking”) to achieve continuous improvement
  • Value incremental gains
  • Measure performance by customer satisfaction
  • Introduce new products and services faster than the competition
  • Treat customers and clients as partners
  • Manage time well

Bringing Light to Your Brand!

Meet the Founder

Brandi Iberia Austin

Owner and CEO of Luminocity Enterprises, LLC, formed in 2011, Brandi Iberia’s company focuses on the areas of marketing and promotions, social media development and management, public relations, event planning, artist development, and entertainment resources with an enlightened approach. Brandi is a graduate of Howard University where she received her Bachelor’s in Music. She went on to acquire her Masters of Business Administration through the University of Phoenix.

Additionally, Iberia is well-known for Saved and the City Christian Network, a faith-based media conglomerate focused on Kingdom Solutions for Real World Issues as well as her newest podcast, Marketing with Black Girl Magic!