Case Study - Metcalfe Park: Black Voter Rising

How Luminocity Media Group used social media campaign techniques to meet the clients goal!


Metcalfe Park: Black Vote Rising is a 10-minute short film from 371 Productions, made in association with Wisconsin Watch, the World Channel, and The Intercept. Funding was provided by the Brico Fund, the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s JPG Fund, and The Reva and David Logan Foundation. The film was produced and directed by Miela Fetaw Kefleyesus and Brad Lichtenstein. Marissa J. Williams associate produced. Coburn Dukehart, Andy Hall and Dee J. Hall are consulting producers. Original music by Kellen “Klassik” Abston. Cinematography is by Brad Lichtenstein, Erik Ljung, Ashley O’Shay, Kevin Shaw, and Adam Singer. Hell’s Color Kitchen provided finishing services.

Luminocity Media Group created and implemented a social media strategy to organize team members with singular messaging for the deepest impact within a short window of time.

“It doesn’t matter if you have 2 months or 2 days to complete your task, just do it. Set your goal, implement your plan, and do it well! We thrive under pressure”
Brandi Austin

President , Luminocity Media Group


Cross Collaboration was Essential

Worked with partners to enhance events and roll outs.

Well-Rounded Targeting

Luminocity’s collaboration with partner groups resulted in 71k views in less than 3 weeks.

Beyond Mobile

We made sure to optimize content for mobile, but also desktop.


Created and Combined SM Plan to Include 3 Major Partners and their Social Media Teams


Increase in Followers & Engagement Within 3-Day Window

Views on Twitter Over the Course of 3 Weeks, 4K Views on YouTube


To transform quality content into quality leads, B2C brands need access to a relevant audience to which content can be distributed.
Attribution is also crucial, giving marketers the ability to measure the ‘virality’ of their ads, and how it translates to the conversions they receive.

Luminocity Media Group has combined these elements to help countless small businesses and entrepreneurs see marketing and business success.